Antimicrobial Shoe Spray

Eliminate shoe odor and moisture 80 ml

Tolcylen® Antimicrobial Shoe Spray is the first shoe spray to combine colloidal silver and undecylenic acid in a single formulation. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and sporicidal properties making it effective at eliminating foot odor and preventing fungal growth. The active silver ions can penetrate the leather and insoles to keep footwear microbe free over an extended period effectively.

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Quick drying
foot-icon Antifungal & antimicrobial
Nanosilver technology

- Shake well before using
- Spray 2-3 bursts in each shoe daily
- Allow to dry completely
- Continue to use as directed by your physician
- Store at room temperature

Water, Alcohol, Nanosilver Complex, Undecylenic Acid

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The Tolcylen Delivery Vehicle

The first breakthrough innovation was the patented Tolcylen Delivery Vehicle used to formulate the Tolcylen Antifungal/Nail Renewal Solution. After many years of development, we successfully combined a wide spectrum of cosmetic ingredients with an antifungal in an ultra-low surface tension, homogeneous delivery vehicle. In practice, this formulation resulted in over 90% patient satisfaction with their nail improvement over three months. In the early clinical study, Tolcylen achieved a ~70% mycological cure rate.

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The shoe spray works best when used nightly. Wait until the shoe is completely dry (typically within 5 minutes) until putting them on after applying.

With once a day application in both shoes, the Tolcylen Shoe Spray should last more than 3 months.