Transdermal CBG / CBD Cream

Novel cannabinoid complex with patented transdermal delivery 100 ml

The 100ml Transdermal CBG/CBD Cream contains 6000mg of medical-grade cannabinoid isolates. This novel formulation combines 3000mg of Cannabigerol (CBG) and 3000mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) in the patented Tolcylen delivery vehicle for rapid penetration. The CBG and CBD used are medical-grade, hemp-derived isolates that are not psychoactive. Certified for potency and THC-free by a third party lab.

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list-icon Patented formulation
Novel cannabinoids
Rapid penetration

- For full effect, apply 3-4 pumps to the affected area for the initial use
- Thoroughly rub in for 30 seconds or until the cream is fully absorbed
- Reapply as necessary
- Reduce the amount of pumps as long as you are getting the desired result
- After initial use, some patients can achieve desired results with as little as 1-2 pumps
- Always consult your physician for specifics relating to your condition

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The Tolcylen CBG/CBD Transdermal Cream is significantly different than other cannabinoid topicals, here are the three main reasons why:

The cannabinoids in the Tolcylen CBG/CBD Transdermal Cream are formulated in the patented Tolcylen delivery vehicle designed to penetrate through the complex outer layer of your skin. Poor penetration has historically been the reason topical CBD products are ineffective and the use of our delivery vehicle has solved this problem.

Marlinz Pharma sources the highest quality hemp-derived, medical-grade CBG and CBD isolates. These are produced from hemp plants using the CO² extraction process which results in the cleanest and purest isolates.

The cream is formulated to be stable and effective for over 5 years so there is no degradation or separation of the product. The formulation leaves no residue or stickiness and completely neutralizes the odor associated with hemp.

The CBG and CBD used in the Transdermal CBG/CBD Cream are cannabinoid isolates. This means that the bulk product is refined and processed until there is no other plant material or filler ingredients, resulting in pure CBG/CBD. Many CBD other products use distillate or full-spectrum, a cannabinoid product that has not been refined and still contains many other compounds within the product.

The CBG and CBD used in the Tolcylen Transdermal CBG/CBD Cream are medical-grade, hemp-derived isolates that have been certified for potency and THC-free by a third-party lab.

Both CBG and CBD are cannabinoids which are compounds derived from the hemp plant.

CBG is a novel and powerful cannabinoid which is found in small quantities in the hemp plant. It is the precursor molecule to all other cannabinoids. There is new research frequently being published on CBG’s effects.

CBD is a proven cannabinoid supported by a large body of research and public use. Refer to peer-reviewed scientific studies on its various topical effects.

The CBG and CBD used in Tolcylen are not psychoactive, meaning they do not result in a “high” typically associated with cannabis products.

Independent labs test our material to ensure a non-detectable amount of THC. This detection limit is typically around 0.008%. That means that the most specialized tests cannot detect any THC molecules in our products, so they are entirely THC-free.

There are no CBG or CBD topical products that are approved as a prescription or over the counter drug by the FDA. CBG or CBD are not approved active ingredients for a drug product and any product claiming such are marketing an illegal and unapproved drug product.

Statements about the Transdermal CBG/CBD Cream have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. The FDA has not evaluated this product for safety and efficacy.

Both the small and the large bottle contain the same formulation and amount of CBG/CBD per volume. The only difference is the size of the bottles. The small bottle is 30ml with 1800mg of total cannabinoids. The large bottle is 100ml with 6000mg of total cannabinoids.