Each of our Tolcylen products are studied in collaboration with leading physicians in clinical settings and with top researchers in laboratory settings. Below, find a selection of our completed and ongoing studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the Tolcylen product line.

Studies mentioned are performed by physicians in a clinical setting but do not represent effectiveness of the product. All results are solely for research purposes.

Early Clinical Results: Topical Antifungal/Cosmetic Solution for Treatment of Toenail Dystrophy

  • Kris DiNucci DPM, FACFAS
  • D. Scot Malay DPM. MSCE, FACFAS
  • Hye Kim DPM, AACFAS

Mycological cure at 6 months

Using PAS testing

Significant clinical improvement of nail at 6 months

Nails graded on shape, thickness, percentage involvement, and overall involvement.

In Progress: A Randomized, Controlled Trial to Determine the Efficacy of Active Topical Nail Solution versus Placebo Nail Solution for the Treatment of Pedal Onychomycosis

  • D. Scot Malay DPM. MSCE, FACFAS

Early and Visible Improvements after Application of K101 in the Appearance of Nails Discoloured and Deformed by Onychomycosis


patients with onychomycosis

see marked improvement in nail appearance within 8 weeks

patients with onychomycosis

see marked improvement in nail appearance within 2 weeks

HQ-20363 Surface Tension and Contact Angle Measurements

  • Nanoscience Analytical, 2019
  • Objective: Evaluate how close the solution polar/disperive forces are to the nail Surface Free Energy


Compared to 1.6% Nail Surface Free Energy.


Compared to 98.4% Nail Surface Free Energy.
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