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Science-backed and clinically proven formulations for better patient outcomes.


Market-leading, clinically proven formulations

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Antifungal/Nail Renewal Solution

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Transdermal CBG / CBD Cream

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Therapeutic Foot Soak

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Antifungal/Skin Renewal Cream

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Micro-Cleansing Foot Soak

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Shoe Spray

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Fungal Elimination Kit

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"The Tolcylen Antifungal/Nail Renewal Solution is the only drug that consistently works for fungal and non-fungal patients and has significantly improved my practice. Now, with the addition of the Tolcylen Foot Soaks, the line provides a comprehensive approach to skin and nail conditions."


Kris DiNucci, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.

Medical Advisor

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Better Formulations
for Better Results.

Marlinz Pharma was founded with the mission of setting a new standard in nail and skin care through innovative, science-backed products. The Tolcylen solution revolutionized the over-the-counter (OTC) market, and the Tolvere Nail Renewal solution is doing the same for cosmetic nail renewal.

Tolcylen and Tolvere do what others cannot. Our revolutionary patented nail delivery formulations deliver a full spectrum of ingredients deep into the nail plate for the most effective nail treatments available. Scientifically and clinically proven.

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