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The First Anti-Fungal,
Cosmetic, and
Nail renewal Treatment







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Dispensed by Physicians Only.


The Tolcylen Difference...

Tolcylen™ is the first antifungal, cosmetic, and nail renewal treatment, all in one product. It is available without a prescription and dispensed exclusively through physicians. Tolnaftate 1% and Undecylenic Acid 25% can prevent and cure fungal infections while acting as a cleansing/emulsifying agent and organic preservative. Urea, Lactic Acid and Propylene Glycol softens, thins and lightens brittle and discolored nails while acting as a penetrating agent for the other ingredients. Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E moisturizes and revitalizes nails, while promoting healthy nail appearance and growth. The patented delivery system is user friendly and the applicator tip controls flow while effectively dispensing medication on/ under the edges of nails. Also available: Tolcylen™ Skin Cream and Shoe Spray.

For The Patient

Patient Education Brochure,  What should I know about Nail Fungus? A Fungal Nail Infection  is a condition that can also be referred to as Onychomycosis… Read more...

The Tolcylen Product Family

Antifungal, Cosmetic, Nail Renewal Treatment Tolcylen™ is the first antifungal, cosmetic, and nail renewal treatment, all in one product.  It is available without a prescription… Read more...

News & Events

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Practice Resources

We provide our qualifying customers with complimentary product display stands, patient education display stands and patient education brochures. To learn more about these practice resources,… Read more...

A Trusted Solution

Combination therapy eliminates the need for multiple products. Applicator effectively dispenses medication under the edges of the nail. Alcohol base eliminates need for seed oils requiring artificial preservatives. The First Anti-Fungal, Cosmetic, and Nail Renewal Treatment...All in One.